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Welcome in Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth!

Welcome stranger! If you thinking about where you are, I will tell you: itís Polish-Lihuanian Commonwealth! The most wonderfull country, where brave Sarmatians live! If you are looking for place to live, you are exactly where you should be. Because in Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth you can find everything: mountains, forrests, valleys, rivers, lakes and seas and steppes!

You arenít looking for a new home? Well, it doesnít matter! I welcome you, too! Polsih-Lithuanian Commonwealth is a good target for holidays! Please, let me show you old castles, museums, philharmonics and many more things!

Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth wait for you, stranger!

/-/ His Majesty George II
From the Grace of God and the will of people King of Poland


Please, notice, that this is only information English website. Plenty more informations you can find on our main Polish website: and Polish forum:
In menu on the left you can find some links to other websites, for example to National Philharmony. It is in Polish language (it's signed with letters "PL"). We invite you there - for listening music you don't need any words ;)
If you have any questions, you can write to the administrator of this site - he can speak English.
Enjoy our English website! :)

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